Finding a Soap for Sensitive Skin

Everyone knows soap is used to clean the skin. But did you know that a soap for sensitive skin can often irritate and damage the skin?

Just because a particular soap is recommended for people with sensitive skin doesn't mean the soap is safe to use. Many types of soap have side effects.

What are these side effects? I'm glad you asked.

Soap can reduce the protection the skin offers against harmful substances. It can also dry out your skin and make it less smooth. And soap can cause flaking, irritation and swelling of the skin.

Dry weather and hard water can make the drying and irritation effects of soap worse. And it's easy to blame the environment for these problems, without looking at the soap we are using.

The side effects of soaps on dry or sensitive skin may build up over a period of time. And it's often elderly people and those with eczema (atopic dermatitis) who are more likely to experience side effects from using soaps.

The bottom line is this...

If you have sensitive skin, don't accept anyone's recommendation for a good soap without question. Try out the soap for a few days, and see how your skin reacts. Remember you can't judge a soap by its cover.

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