Smoking and Skin: An Unhealthy Combination

Smoking and skin don't go well together. You already know that smoking is harmful to the health. But did you also know it's bad for the skin?

The effects of smoking on the health are not attractive. Smoking is an enemy of the skin, pure and simple. It's wrinkle food. Wrinkles appear more quickly in smokers. Just look at a smoker's face, if you doubt this.

Of course, if you are a smoker yourself, you only have to look in a mirror. If you honestly like what you see, that's OK and you can skip this page - I won't take it personally. But if you think your skin looks older than it should, read on...

How exactly does smoking affect the skin? It's like this.

As you get older, the oxygen content of your skin decreases and it becomes less soft and elastic. Now, what happens when nicotine and skin get together?

The epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) gets thinner, the skin sags, becomes looser and drier. (Think of a balloon after it's blown up and the air's been let out). As if that wasn't enough, the tar in cigarettes speeds up the production of free radicals - the undesirable atoms that can damage cells and DNA.

The truth is ...

...Every time you smoke, you are suffocating your skin. So if you want your skin to look healthier and younger, give up smoking. Not easy, but not impossible, either.

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