What's a Skin Moisturizer?

Water is an essential skin moisturizer. Your skin, like your body, is 70% water so you'll need to maintain the right water levels if you want your skin to stay healthy.

Water helps flush out toxins from the body. Drink plenty of water to wake up your skin and make it glow. Even if you like the way your skin looks now, you'll need to keep it well hydrated to hold back the signs of aging. Even oily skin needs moisturizing.

Drinking fruit juices, especially orange, lemon and grapefruit, can also remove toxins from the body and give the skin a healthy glow. And they taste good too! But water's in a class of its own, when it comes to moisturizing the skin from the inside.

Here's an interesting fact. Skin moisturization is affected by age, gender, stress and lifestyle.

So, for example, older women tend to have lower estrogen levels and drier skin. Pregnant women, on the other hand, have lower testosterone levels, higher estrogen levels and well hydrated skin.

How does lifestyle affect the moisture content of the skin? Glad you asked.

Take smoking, for example. It's linked to higher testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels. This may be why smokers tend to have drier skin. And age faster.

If you smoke and want healthier, younger-looking skin, you know what to do. Enough said.

Another lifestyle habit that affects the skin is - you guessed it - drinking.

Like tobacco, alcohol has a drying effect on skin. So if you drink or smoke or do both, this will reduce the water levels in your skin and make it age faster. All the skin moisturizers in the world won't stop that happening, sorry.

If you drink or smoke, and especially if you do both, please take this personally. Your skin, your choice.

To keep your skin looking younger for longer, you'll need to replace the moisture that it loses through exposure to the sun, pollution, stress and lifestyle habits like drinking alcohol and smoking.

Drinking lots of water will take care of about 40% of the skin's needs. So it's not enough to moisturize skin from the outside, although that's important too.

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