How to Use Oily Skin Cleansers

Oily skin cleansers are essential if you would like to reduce the oiliness of your skin. Oily skin tends to run in families so you can blame your genes if it makes you feel better. :)

The oil glands (I think of them as oil wells) lie deep within the second layer of the skin (the dermis). They are concentrated in the head, face, neck, chest and back and so these are the most oily areas.

Let's be clear on one thing - oil isn't all bad. In fact, it's quite useful for keeping skin hydrated and healthy. But you can have too much of a good thing. Over-active oil wells can make the skin look greasy and dirty.

So control oil production by using an effective cleanser and other products for oily skin. A good cleanser for oily skin removes excess oil but leaves the barrier of fatty acids in place to protect the skin.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly but gently. Use the gentlest cleanser you can find, especially in dry weather. Be extra gentle with your skin then. And avoid soaps because most strip the skin of its natural oils.

What you don't want is skin that's squeaky-clean. So don't over-cleanse or you could end up with even oilier skin. Yes, scrubbing the skin too hard can actually stimulate the oil wells to churn out more oil.

Cleanse your skin no more than twice a day unless you work in a coal mine. In warm weather, sweating can make it harder to keep your skin clean and it's OK to cleanse more thoroughly then. But always be gentle.

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