The Magic of Masks for Oily Skin

Oily skin is prone to spots. If you have oily skin, you know the deal.

So how do masks for oily skin work?

Because oily skin produces too much sebum (oily stuff) and the result is shiny skin, open pores, and spots. Masks that contain clay, calamine or kaolin help to absorb excess oil and calm the skin.

Clay masks draw out oil from the pores and soak it up, making the skin smoother and fresher. They also remove impurities from the skin.

Bottom line?... clay masks improve the skin.

Masks may be white, pink or green. Green clay is the most suitable mask for oily skin.

I use a clarifying mask myself twice a week (or more if my oil glands are working overtime) to control the amount of oil on my face. I know I look scary with the mask on but hey, it works and that's enough for me.

To use a mask for oily skin, first cleanse and dry your skin. You can follow this with a non-alcohol toner. Apply the mask liberally with the fingertips, avoiding the delicate area around the eyes. Don't rub it in. Let the mask dry naturally.

Be sure to leave the mask on for as long as it says on the label. Give it enough time to work, but don't leave it on too long. Rinse off with water (preferably cold to help close the pores) or remove with a damp cloth or cotton wool. And you're done.

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