Easy Lip Care

What do your lips say about you? People can read them, you know.

What does lip care mean to you?

It's OK if you have to think about it. I'll wait here for you, so take your time.

Your lips are sensitive to the cold. You'll have noticed that already. So it's important to take care of them as soon as cold weather sets in.

Why do lips need to be looked after? Glad you asked.

Well, they're fragile things, for a start. Talk about thin-skinned - lips are just that. They are covered by a very fine layer of skin that has no sebum (oil). That means they have no natural protection and need help from you.

Are your lips cracked or dry? If you are using acne medicines, a common side effect is dry lips. So if you are having treatment for acne, take special care of your lips.

If you want to avoid dry or chapped lips, make time for loving and looking after your lips. Apply a moisturizing balm or salve every now and then. If it contains natural ingredients, so much the better.

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