It took a long Time

by Barbara

Over the decades my skin has gone through various stages of being oily, dry, baked (literally from too much sun), breaking out in hives, blackheads, you name it.

My teenage years were mostly taken up by trying to get rid of those ugly blackheads. I tried everything from steam baths to scrubs, and 'home remedies' suggested by family and friends. The nicest to have on my face were cucumber peels - nicely moist and cool. These efforts had varied results; some helped a bit, others not at all.

In later years I tried every possible product on the market, from cold cream to high end cosmetics. The promise of looking younger and reducing wrinkles never really materialized.

Many trials later, I finally met an aesthetician who was willing to work with me and find products that suited my skin. The first step was to stay away from any kind of skin lotion that had a strong smell, i.e. added perfumes or similar.

The next step was not to use any kind of make-up for a period to give the skin and pores a break from being clogged up daily. Even though I washed my skin thoroughly each evening, there always was a feeling as if some of the make-up remained in the pores.

I had also been constantly rubbing my eyes which I had written down to fatigue, but in reality was a result of an allergic reaction. So, I did away with it immediately.

Being a soap and water girl, even on my face, it took considerable time to find a facial soap suitable for my skin. I have now used one for a number of years and am very happy with it; there has been no drying of the skin.

Also, I have finally and after many years, found a tonic and moisturizing lotion which keeps my skin subtle and from break outs. My preferred product is Payot.

And I really don't mind the wrinkles in my face; they are part of aging (well, I am of retirement age after all).


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