Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

I'll give it to you straight: don't even think about having acne treatment during pregnancy.

I know how distressing acne can make you feel - I've been there. But no matter how bad your acne is, it's safer to put off any medical treatment until after your baby has been weaned.

And if you are currently being treated for acne, it's best to put off getting pregnant until your treatment is complete. That means using double contraception if you are sexually active.

Here's why using acne meds when you are pregnant isn't a good idea.

Many acne medications have negative side effects and these can be quite serious in a developing fetus.

For example, even a single exposure to oral isotretinoin (Accutane, Roaccutane, Oratane, Isohexal) can cause serious birth defects such as abnormalities of the brain, eye and ear.

Isotretinoin has also been linked with mood swings and the jury's still out on whether this drug can cause suicidal thoughts. These are all good reasons to avoid using this drug during pregnancy.

Isotretinoin can also cause a dry mouth, cracked lips and nose bleeds. Now who needs that when they are pregnant?

Tazarotene is another acne medication that should not be used during pregnancy.

Avoid using tetracycline antibiotics (doxycycline and minocycline) if you are pregnant. The same goes for retinoid creams and gels.

Many other acne medicines can cause skin irritation (peeling, dryness, burning and itching) and headaches. I don't know many women who'd want to deal with these problems when they are pregnant. Do you?

There are ways to control acne without using medication. Look around this site for some tips. Whatever you do, please remember this...

Acne treatment during pregnancy isn't a good idea.

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