Acne Skin Care: Tips and Myths

Looking for acne skin care tips? You'll find some right here. Even if your acne has cleared, you'll need to maintain good skin care. Here's why.

Acne never really goes away. It's always there, waiting in the wings, and it'll be back sooner or later. Sorry to put a downer on things, but that's just the way it is.

I know there are lots of seductive ads about acne cures all over the Net and in glossy magazines. You've probably seen them. Well, they aren't completely truthful. You do know that, right? There is no cure for acne, at least not yet.

But the good news is...

...acne can be controlled. So you don't have to let this disorder take over your skin. You gotta show it who's boss. Use these tips and tricks to keep your acne under control.

Cleanse your skin twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. Also cleanse after hot sweaty activities like exercise. And don't forget to remove make up at the end of the day. But don't cleanse too often or you may damage your skin. Acne myth 1: Acne is caused by dirt and you can scrub away blackheads and spots. This is so not true.

Acne skin care tip 2: Use mild liquid cleanser especially if you are using any acne medicine. Avoid medicated or antibacterial cleansers. Most acne drugs damage or at least weaken the skin's natural barrier so it's important to use a gentle cleanser.

Use a non-alcohol toner after cleansing to remove excess oil. Stay away from alcohol toners, especially if you are using acne medication because they can sting and irritate your skin.

Acne myth 2: You don't need to use a moisturizer if you have acne. Wrong. Your skin will benefit from some hydration, especially if you are using any acne treatment. Acne medicines often irritate and dry the skin so applying a moisturizer before or after the medication can help protect and repair the skin.

Many cosmetics or moisturizers can cause or worsen acne, so choose your products carefully. Try not to use too much moisturizer or sunscreen for example, and use light and non-greasy products.

Acne skin care tip 3: protect your skin from the sun and avoid exposure to strong sunlight. This is even more important if you are using any kind of acne medication because most acne treatments will make your skin more sensitive to ultraviolet rays (especially UVA rays that age the skin).

And the most important acne skin care tip is - wait for it...

... follow good skin care practices for life. Remember acne can be controlled, not cured.

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